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2019 Michigan Air Tour


In 1929, the very first Michigan Air Tour (MAT) was hosted to promote commercial aviation and the expansion of air transportation across Michigan. As airports increased in Michigan, and air travel became more popular, the MAT became a week-end long celebration of flying around the State of Michigan. Each year, participating pilots from across the country and Canada visited different airports and explored the surrounding communities.


The MAT focuses attention on our aviation infrastructure and the economic importance of aviation to our State and our communities. The Michigan Aviation Education Foundation (MAEF) has its roots in the MAT. The MAEF was founded as a result of the historic celebration tour and the desire to promote aviation and to advance aviation education within the state of Michigan.

The MAT is a fun event and a golden opportunity to meet new friends, enhance your flying skills, and enjoy the beautiful state of Michigan while supporting aviation education.

Click here for the MAT Itinerary.

September 19-22, 2019

Join the celebration!

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